Hiya I’m Ren!!

Welcome to my kin thingy🤓 I personally do not take kinning very seriously and do not want to feed into the toxic side of things so please just take this with a grain of salt! To me kinning is just a fun thing to do (and or a stress reliever).

Kin definitions

(Keep in mind, these are MY definitions)

Kinning + more info

1: What does kinning mean?

The short answer is that ‘kinning’ or having a ‘kin’ means you relate to that character (that you kin) in one way or another. It can be minor or major, you can also kin multiple characters, and characters with a different age/gender/race then you. Kinning is not limited to how much you ‘act like a character, or share their personality traits’. You can kin a character based on trauma and etc. So that being said, even if you see someone with a ‘abnormal’ kin, do not automatically assume that person is wrong, or ‘a bad person’. Also, kins can frequently change and or lose strength over time (let’s say, you begin to change as a person or etc). This is completely normal and doesn’t invalidate anyone!

2: Kin terms (these are the terms and definitions that research and etc have lead me to. These are also very general.

Kin: A character you relate to

Kinning: Having characters/multiple characters you relate to (enough to kin)

Shift: Your mood/etc changing and therefore your kins changing (not always but sometimes). Example: When I feel more confident my kins change, so when I watch something I can relate to different characters.

Doubles: Two people (or more) who kin the same character

No Doubles: When somebody says this about a character (or characters) that they kin, they wish to not interact/etc with a person who also kins that character (or characters). Some people have different levels of not wanting to be around doubles, (some will not even be friends with a double while others just prefer the double to not talk about their kin/etc).

Comfort characters: This doesn’t have a lot to do with ‘kinning’, but a lot of people who kin also list their comfort characters so I thought I would as well! A comfort character is simply a character that you don’t kin persay, but find lots of positive emotions in, or are comforted by.

Kin Levels

(The different levels of kinning going from highest to lowest, keep in mind these are my definitions)

Core: Some people use this term some people don’t, it’s basically like the strongest level you can kin a characters. It’s taking THAT’S ME to another level. (It is stronger than a selfhood)

Selfhood: ‘A character I relate to very strongly, and relate to at almost all times. It’s basically like watching a show/etc and seeing a character and thinking That’s me!’

ID’s: ‘I relate to this character very strongly, but sometimes I feel a little less connected to them depending on my mood/etc’

Reverse ID’s: An ID but only when you are in some sort of shift (you relate to this character very strongly but ONLY when you are in a shift/mood change, when you aren’t you feel little to no amount of relation to this character. Example: feeling incredibly confident therefore relating to characters that are more confident ig

Minor Kins: Characters you relate to some what/a little but not enough to be an ID.

Reverse Minor Kins: Characters you relate to some what/a little but only when in some sort of shift. When you aren’t in a shift you relate to this character 0%.

Questioning: A character you are not sure if you kin or not, but you have some sort of attachment too.


(◕︿◕✿) ID’s (◕︿◕✿)


I won’t get into why I kin Kira too heavily, but I can assure you it’s not in a ‘scary’ way.


Yumemi is one of my strongest kins, and I’m never quite not in a ‘Yumemi Shift’, meaning I almost always relate to her. The only times I feel less connected, are when I’m super sad and such. I relate heavily to her dreams and ambitions, as well as MANY other things that I won’t get into on this page.


“Sup bastards!!!”
I dunno, I just see a lot of myself in him. It’s always there, and when I’m pissed off I feel even more connected to him.

(◕︿◕✿) Reverse ID’s (◕︿◕✿)


Six is my Danganronpa OC! He’s quite cheerful and a bit of an airhead. He is a reverse ID meaning I relate to him very heavily, but only when I’m in a certain mood. That mood being when I’m very happy! He’s an epic shift to be in.


Satoru is a reverse ID meaning I have to be in a very specific mood to feel connected to him (kin wise). Generally I don’t really relate to him, but when I’m in an overly confident mood he’s pretty much a selfhood.

(◕︿◕✿) Minor Kins (◕︿◕✿)


Long story short, I love Celestia so much that I basically ended up just kinning her a little. I don’t feel as strongly connected to her (kin wise) as the others mentioned, but I can relate in some ways, and my relation doesn’t sway depending on moods and stuff (that’s why she’s not a ‘reverse minor kin’)



I think the way Tenko is just so utterly ‘good’ and kind is super inspiring, and I genuinely adore her character.


Ahhhh!!! Angie is just so cute and cheerful!! I love her so much oml. She fills me with joy I dunno how to describe it.


Kaede is a huge inspiration, kind, talented and ambitious. As well as many other things!!


Chihiro is just....precious I dunno what else to say.

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